Client Feedback

“Tiffany provided tons of support and ideas when I was in labor, and helped my family support me. She has such a positive attitude and is so encouraging. She was an essential part of why my birth experience was so positive. I am confident I could not have had a natural labor without her.”

~Melissa & Mark (2013)

“Tiffany was an enormous blessing to both me and my husband. She really helped us to have a wonderful birth experience. We will certainly use her again for the next birth!”

~Megan & Aaron (2012)

“Don’t get burned during your birth. Get the protection you need, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Make your birth a sunny bright experience! Your doula is your sunscreen during your birth. Telling me to release the pain, “let it go,” was great. Reminders of the obvious is always good during labor.”

~Candice K. (2012)

“When people ask us what a doula is, we say, “An angel sent from heaven.” That’s how we feel about Tiffany. God sent her to give us the education, reassurance, and confidence we needed to bring our precious son into the world naturally. We are pro-medicine, pro-hospital, and pro-doctor. There was no conflict between having a doula and delivering at the hospital with our OB/Gyn. The two complemented each other perfectly, and we could not have been happier.

~Brad & Rachel M. (2011)

“I was so thankful that Tiffany was there for the birth of our daughter. She had been there from the beginning, encouraging me through morning sickness, offering advice when pregnancy aches and pains came along, and building confidence through her childbirth education class.

During the actual birth, she took a back seat, keeping a log of what was going on, retrieving things from our car, and reminding my husband and I that the pain of this birthing process was beautifully created by God. She was that person whose calmness encouraged my husband to stay strong for me. I couldn’t be more thankful that my husband was standing on one side and my doula on the other when my little girl entered this world. What a blessing! I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

~Megan C (Sept. 2010)

“This was our fourth baby. First one at home and by far, the best experience we’ve had! Tiffany was beyond helpful and I can’t imagine our experience without her!”

~Julia S. (Jan. 2009)

“Tiffany is wonderful. She did exactly what I needed when I needed it. My birth was perfect, and it wouldn’t have been without her!”

~Kari W. (March 2009)


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