Childbirth Education Services (Updated 2/2015)

I am a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator (CCCE), and have logged over 250 hours of teaching time. Currently, I am teaching an Essentials For Childbirth four-week series as an educator with Preparing For Birth.

Here’s what we offer:

Saturday Condensed Workshops & Pricing:
4 hours each, $60
Early Pregnancy Workshop
Essentials For Childbirth Condensed
Essentials for Postpartum
Life With Baby
Breastfeeding Basics

Tuesday Night Group Classes & Pricing:
Essentials For Childbirth (4 week bundle: $150) – Overview of Labor and Childbirth, Emotional Well Being, Physical Changes, Pain Management, Interventions, Medications and Cesarean, Communication Skills, Informed Decision Making, Birth Plan Writing, Building Your Birth Team, Labor Skills Practice, Immediate and Initial Postpartum and much more.

Essentials for Postpartum (4 week bundle: $150) – STAY TUNED FOR UPDATED INFORAMATION, COMING SOON.

Putting It All Together (3 hours: $60) – STAY TUNED FOR UPDATED INFORMATION, COMING SOON!

Private Classes: – $35 per hour in office, or $45 per hour in home (minimum 2 hours), completely organized to your needs and schedule.

  • Single Session Private Classes (2.5-3 hours each):
    • Early Pregnancy – Positive test to 20 weeks.
    • Informed Decision Making, Communication Skills and Birth Planning
    • Pain Management – Natural to Medical Offerings
    • Induction, Interventions and Cesarean
    • Essential Labor Skills
    • Postpartum Strategies – Relationship Care, Newborn Norms, Mother Recovery Norms, Feeding and Output Norms, time Management and Parenting Philosophies.
    • Life with your Baby – Newborn Behavior, Out and About, Dressing and Bathing Your Baby, Feeding and Output Norms, Communicating with your Baby, Personality and Needs, Parenting Decisions and Relating to Others.
    • Breastfeeding Skills
    • Breastpumping Skills
  • Individualized class based on topics of your choice.  2 hours minimum.

For information, call the Preparing For Birth office at: 719-323-8414, or email me at


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