What’s a Doula?

“Doula” is a Greek word for “female servant.”

There are several different kinds of doulas serving women during the childbearing year. There are labor (or birth) doulas, antepartum doulas, and postpartum doulas. Each have a unique role in their service to women.

Labor doulas are the most well-known kind of doula. They serve women during their pregnancy, labor, birth, and immediate postpartum period. They offer informational, emotional, and physical support, but perform no clinical tasks. They are there to empower women and their partners to have the most positive birth experience as their circumstances allow, and to support them in the decisions they make regarding their labor and birth.

For information on antepartum and postpartum doulas, visit this link to the CAPPA information page about doulas.

If you are not in the Colorado Springs area, use these links to find a doula near you: