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Working with the women at Preparing For Birth has been a joy and a source of growth and challenge for me. Desirre Andrews (owner, operator, and midwife extraordinaire) has encouraged me to jump into the workings of the office with both feet, and to give voice to whatever I’d like to try. I finally decided to come out of the corners and really give more of myself to this wonderful group of women and clients who have come to mean so much to me.

I decided I would start blogging regularly for PFB, tapping into the brain and heart power of my fellow doulas and educators. While I put the words to paper–or, rather, to keyboard–the message comes from all of us at Preparing For Birth, in the hopes that our unified voice would bring to light new perspectives on various issues in the perinatal world.

First up: A blog series debunking some common myths people believe about childbirth education. A sample:

MYTH #1: “I’m having a homebirth, and my midwife will do all my education.”
Home birth families often see childbirth classes as an extra, rather than a valuable and necessary tool to help them have the birth they are hoping for. The most common objection they have is that they will be able to get all the education they need from their midwife. While midwives do educate their clients to some extent, this perception that they can (or should) cover everything is a myth, for several reasons.

To read the whole post, click HERE.

What do you think? What would you like to see me write about here, at Birth In Joy?

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