I’m Back!

Honestly, it was probably foolish of me to try to get a series started here when I was out of state. I spent about three and a half months in Oregon helping to care for my terminally ill father, who was blessed to be ushered into Heaven on December 10th. It has taken me quite some time to feel settled in again, both at home and at the office.

I thank you all for coming back to check in and see what might be new. For now, I want you to know that I am still putting some things in order, and am writing out a plan for this blog, my birth business, and my work as a midwife assistant.

I am truly excited for what this new year is bringing my way, and I anticipate much growth and change.

I plan on finishing the series I started with guest blogger, Kim Prather of Front Range SCENTSabilities, on the use of Young Living Essential Oils in pregnancy, labor, and birth first and foremost!

Please, take a moment to explore some of the changes I’ve made recently to my Services page, and take note that I will be phasing out my gmail address temporarily, as I focus on my work with Preparing For Birth.

birth in joyThank you so much for sticking around, and stay tuned as I organize my grey matter and begin a weekly blogging schedule.

Grace & Peace,
Tiffany Miller, CLD, CCCE, Midwife Assistant


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