As of the beginning of May, 2011, I have become an official part of Preparing For Birth here in Colorado Springs. Desirre Andrews, the founder and owner, has a passion for mentoring other birth professionals, which I am now taking advantage of.

I am not really very fond of diving into something head first, and hoping I make it. I am much more the “read-every-instruction-then-proceed-with-caution” kind of person, so having a mentor is actually quite important to me. I have so many gaps in my birth work that I desire to fill, and I know I cannot do it alone. I am still finding my voice in the birth community, and I only have glimpses of what that will be in the future, but I don’t yet have the whole picture.

So, in an attempt to go about this career choice in some semblance of order, I have chosen to learn from those who are farther along in their journey than I. I fully intend to blunder about for awhile as I find my feet, but with such women to learn from, I’m confident it won’t take as long as I feel like it will!

To start, I will be teaching a specialized Homebirth Preparation class! This coming week, I will be calling and speaking to several of our local homebirth midwives in order to garner support and gain a better understanding of what the homebirth community needs. Much of the curriculum is the same as traditional classes, but there are definitely some things specific to homebirth that many birthing families would benefit from.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to become part of a team like this!

Grace & Peace,


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