I Have Goals for 2011

I have goals for 2011, I just haven’t written them down yet. What better place to do it than here?

First of all, I need to get it in gear and wrap up my certification requirements for my Childbirth Education certification. Immediately on the heels of this are my 15 CEU credits I need in order to re-certify as a labor doula. Those two things alone are going to have to take quite a priority in January, at the same time I’m teaching classes at the pregnancy center.

Another goal I have for 2011 is to network like mad – as much as my life as a wife and mother allow me to. I need to get busy in making a name for myself, with the goal of having 1-2 births per month as a doula, and teaching at least three six-week CBE series with four couples each. That, my friends, is lofty. I might have to scale the numbers back to be reasonable for this year, but I also want to aim high.

Taking a first aid and CPR, as well as neonatal resuscitation are on my list for 2011 too, but since they cost so much, I will need to get a few clients or birthing pairs in a class first.

I need to get a real, live logo. I haven’t decided if I will design it myself or not yet. It’s been awhile since I’ve drawn anything, and I’m a bit out of practice.

Along the networking lines, I wouldn’t mind making it a goal to meet every midwife in town face-to-face. Since I have a desire to specialize in home birth, with a goal to be a midwife someday, this only makes sense.

That’s it for now – I’ll update this as I fulfill these goals, refine them, or drop some of them altogether. It’s hard to know what a whole year will hold for one when one has four children to raise and home school, and a baby niece to care for full-time. Not to mention a husband who actually likes to spend time with me! Still, it is my husband who is my biggest supporter, and is the one who has told me I need to go for it this coming year. I can’t argue with that, seeing as how I come home on cloud nine after every class I teach or birth I attend.

I have goals for 2011. Do you? What are they? I’d love to hear what mountains you will attempt to climb this next year!


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