Finding A Voice

My mind is pulled in all directions regarding my writing – especially when it comes to this, my birth blog. I read so many excellent blogs that cover such a wide range of this topic, that I feel overwhelmed, and a little intimidated. What do I, with my relatively little experience, have to offer the birthing community?

Part of me wants to take the easy route, and just give basic information that can be found in any decent book on birth. Part of me wants to draw tears and laughter with moving, positive birth stories. Still another part wants to step on a soapbox to rant about the pitfalls of over-medicalized birth. There are more parts, but I think you get the idea.

I submitted my last post for entry in a blog carnival, and it wasn’t accepted. This didn’t come entirely as a surprise to me, as I knew it fit into that “any textbook” category. It wasn’t interesting. At all. So, I read the posts that did make it into the carnival to see what it was they had that I might be missing.

I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I talked to a woman I respect and admire as a mentor and friend, Desirre Andrews, about it.

She saw right away that what I am missing in my writing is my own unique Voice.

My personal birthing journey is different than anyone else’s, and my calling as a doula is different as well. Despite my comparative lack of experience to those striding on ahead of me, I have something to offer which no one else does.

Perhaps it’s my experience with home birth, or the lessons I learned by breastfeeding four children. Perhaps it’s just my personality and my worldview that is different.

Whatever it is, it is the source of my Voice, and I desperately want to figure it out. I have a feeling, though, that it will take a lot more time to find that groove and really settle into it than I want it to.

Am I okay with that?

I think so.

I kind of have to be, don’t I?

Still, I think that finding my Voice will be just as enjoyable a journey as my trip into motherhood has been.


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