WFMW: C-Section Tip

6a00d83451c5ac69e200e55296ac148834-800wiIf you know you need to schedule your c-section for a medical reason, there are still lots of things you can do to make it as family-centered and peaceful as possible.

One thing that can be especially helpful is to have your partner or your doula rub some peppermint or lavendar essential oil on their wrist, so you can sniff it during surgery. Especially when they’re cauterizing! Peppermint can help quell any nausea, as well as masking the bad surgery odors. Lavendar can be calming and pleasant. Of course, any comforting smell can help! Your favorite lotion is one good example. Just be careful not to overload, as some of the staff may be allergic to perfumes!

For more wonderful ideas, check out this article, “Ideas for the Best Cesarean Possible”, written by the mother of all doulas, Penny Simkin. It’s chock-full of ways for you to have a more pleasant cesarean!

Always remember to talk to your care provider well beforehand about any of these ideas! Surprises in the OR are not pleasant for either doctor or patient! So, be considerate and open to compromise, and you will most likely find that your doctor will be too.

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