WFMW: Honey!

You know that point in labor where you feel like the contractions aren’t giving you a rest, and they’re never going to quit? You need some energy? Something? Anything?

A spoonful of honey can go a long way in giving you a quickly absorbed energy boost during transition, and even pushing. Since a lot of it is absorbed in your mouth, rather than the stomach, the chances of puking it back up are pretty slim. It’s a great source of quick carbohydrate energy. It’s natural, and I’ve used it in all four of my births.

For me, it has always kept that second wind going long enough for me to push out my babies.

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5 responses to “WFMW: Honey!

  1. I’ll have to remember that. I always use Emergen-C for that little extra boost. Ever heard of that?

  2. What a fantastic idea-I will have to try it the next time around!

  3. Very interesting 🙂

  4. Great suggestion! With the last 2 I’ve used tubes of various flavored honey from the health food store. Good stuff!!

  5. That’s a great trick. I’ve never heard of it. But it definitely would’ve helped me!

    (I’m a little behind on m WFMW reading from last week!)