First Ever Meet the Doula Event!

It happened today. There were probably ten doulas and one pregnant couple. Despite tons of advertising and a hugely momentous effort put out by Candace of Westside Birth Connection fame, among a few others.

Today’s meeting featured Brandy Segin of Aspen Leaf Birth Services. She is a certified Labor Doula through DONA, and a certified childbirth educator through CAPPA. On top of all of that, she’s also an assistant for a local homebirth midwife.

She wears a lot of hats! Very well, I might add. I found her open, warm, engaging, and real. She has a head full of knowledge, and a sensitive heart towards her clients. She also has quite a variety of experience in her own births! Her first was a very long labor, ending in a c-section. Her second was a home birth VBAC, and her third was an induced hospital VBAC. She has attended over 80 births, ranging from a vaginal twin birth to c-sections to home births. Wow!

I can’t wait to have that same level of experience!

Since today was the first “Meet the Doula” event, she spoke on the basics of doula-ing. (If that’s a real word!) Even though only one couple came, we gave the best we had. This couple was full of great questions, which we really enjoyed answering! The nicest thing, from my perspective as a doula, was the confidence the couple had. They weren’t the least bit intimidated by being the only ones there, and gleaned all the information they could.

Oh…did I mention the free back massage they both received? Yes. You read that right. We had a wonderful massage therapist there, giving complimentary 10-minute massages to anyone who asked!

We also had a great spread of foods fit for a pregnant mommy, several complimentary samples of magazines, diapers, and other goodies. Piles and piles of complimentary gifts!

We are hoping that the next meeting, to be held in three months’ time, will be packed full of moms and dads eager for information. We’ll probably be focussing on a specific, birth-related topic of one kind or another this time, and how having a doula can help you in that area specifically.

I was able to network with some other gals in the doula camp, and came away with some great referrals for you! Check out my Local Resources Page and take a look at the wide variety of services that are available in Colorado Springs!

So – if you were to come to one of these meetings, keeping in mind that this event is FREE, and open to the public, what topics would you like to see discussed? Is there any information about doulas that you would like to know more about? What kind of format do you think would be a fun one, worth two hours on a Saturday afternoon every three months?


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  1. Thank you much my dear for the kind words! It was great to meet you too, you are a fantastic addition to our birthing community here in Colorado Springs.