Happy Labor Day!

I was all done posting for the night, when I came across Rocks in my Dryer. Tonight’s post is one I cannot pass up and still call myself a doula. It would be wrong. In honor of Labor Day, I’m filling out this fun little meme all about…well…labor. The kind that ends with a baby. Enjoy!

How long were your labors?
Turbo: 37.5 hours. (Yes, you read that right. Don’t feel bad for me though…my mom was in labor with me for 48.) I remember at one point, my hubby sighed and said “Boy, this is really getting boring.” My response? “WELL DON’T I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!!!” Really, though, his nonchalance and absolute confidence in my ability to birth was really THE major key to my getting through my first labor the way I wanted to – naturally and peacefully. (Yes, it really was peaceful.)

Cuteness: 8 hours.
I heart birth balls. Just so you know.

Sunshine: 3-4 hours. I think.
Bubbers: 3-4 hours. I think.
Those last two were somewhat of a blur…and I think they were really closer to three hours each. I also practically midwifed myself for these two! So many anecdotes for these…but I won’t keep you anymore. Read on.

How did you know you were in labor?
With each of them, it was good, hard contractions that felt way different than the Braxton-Hicks, and came regularly, no matter what I did. My water didn’t break at all until I started pushing, or right before with the last three. It was artificially ruptured with my first at the 24 hour mark. In fact – with Bubbers, my waters came out like a balloon as I was pushing – before his head was crowning! I wish I had a picture…

Where did you deliver?
Turbo was born at a free-standing birth center.
Cuteness, Sunshine, and Bubbers were all born in my own bed at home.

The only drugs I had were after Turbo was born, before I delivered the placenta. After 37 hours, my uterus quit, and after n. stimulation, breastfeeding, and massage had all been tried, I received an injection of pitocin in the thigh to get my uterus going again to push out the placenta.

No…I have been undeservedly, richly blessed to have had very “boring” uneventful, low-risk pregnancies & births.

Who delivered?
All of our children were officially caught by their daddy, with the guidance of a CNM at the births of Turbo & Cuteness, and a CPM at the births of Sunshine & Bubbers.

I can’t let this go without a side note – nobody “delivers” babies. What, indeed, does a baby need “delivering” from? It’s an odd term, I think. As if babies needed rescuing from the womb… I prefer to see the doctor’s/midwife’s role as that of an assistant – not a deliverer. 🙂 If that makes sense…

If you want to play along with this meme, just cut and paste the questions into your own blog, and leave your link here. Then, leave me a note to let me know you did, so I can come read yours!


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  1. Baby Tunnel Exodus

    I laughed out loud at your don’t I feel Sorry for You! Bwahahaha! Blessings! ~Whitney