Weekend Linkityness

A breastfeeding doll. ~ I got such a kick out of this! Too bad they don’t ship to the US currently…

A Birth Unfolds in Photos & Words. ~ This is how hospital births should be. Caution: This post has graphic photos of a natural birth. However, they are not distasteful. They are intimate and moving. You can also read more of this blog at her new site. She is very opinionated – and rightly so. Be prepared to have your thinking challenged. Even mine was.

Artificial Sweetner Explodes Internally. ~ Shane Ellison @ The People’s Chemist. Think Splenda is safe? Think again. Please…think again.

I’m sorry there’s not a lot here for you this week. I’m still partially at a loss as to what direction this site should take as far as writing goes. With four little ones at home, I’m sure you can understand my dilemma. I have no idea if I should create a writing schedule for myself, or if I should just continue to take what comes my way and pass it on to you…

Either way, I hope your weekend is a blessed one!


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