Weekend Linkityness

Breastfeeding Stuff
A Pitchman for Breast Milk

McDonald’s apologises after group of mothers staged sit-in over breastfeeding ban.

Breastfeeding instructional videos : These are very detailed, and most don’t hide anything, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! However, if you are a new mommy, this is a great resource you can access at home if you have questions about whether or not your baby is latching properly, and drinking. Excellent, excellent videos! Dr. Jack Newman & Edith Kernerman

Intervention, C-Section, and VBAC Stuff
BirthTrack, a New Way to Monitor Labor : A new device (marketed in Europe) seems much more invasive and unneccesary on the surface…but is it really? Birth Activist interviews the manufacturer and gets some interesting answers.

More! Better! BirthTrack(TM)! : Another perspective on the BirthTrack device.
C-Section vs. VBAC – a birthing story

VBAC Bans: Frequently Asked Quesions. Portland ICAN.

Natural Childbirth, Homebirth & Midwifery Stuff
Laboring to Save Home Birth

Is Natural Childbirth Dead?

Women Fight to Take Back Natural Childbirth.

Homebirth Coloring Book

Miscellaneous Stuff
Birth Trauma: Stress Disorder Afflicts Moms : This article raises some very interesting questions.


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