Walk for Life

This year, my family & I will be participating in LifeNetwork’s annual Walk for Life.

I am so thrilled to be able to participate, because it’s the signal of a fresh time in my life. I have always had a soft spot for young women facing an unplanned pregnancy, and choose life for their babies despite pressure to do otherwise. Especially the ones who are facing it alone. I hurt deeply for these girls, and have always wanted to do something to help.

Well, now I can.

I was listening to this broadcast of Family Life Today, in which Barbara Wilson shares her experience with promiscuity and the choice to have an abortion. In this broadcast (or the 2nd part…I’m not sure which), she shares a startling statistic.

40% of women of child-bearing age in this country have had an abortion.

My heart broke. For the babies. For the women.

And I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit, letting me know it was finally ok for me to volunteer with a local crisis pregnancy center – even though it will have to be really limited because of my family. My family, after all, must still come first. But…I am so excited to be able to volunteer at all!!! I am going through the application process now, and hope to be ready to be involved very soon.

In the meantime, I’m participating in this year’s Walk for Life along with my family. If you’d like to sponsor me, I’d really appreciate it! Just visit my personal fundraising page, where you can make a secure donation.

At the very least, pray for organizations like LifeNetwork, for the women they are trying to help, and for the babies they are trying to save. Thank you.



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