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American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Effects of a policy of elective cesarean delivery in cases of suspected fetal macrosomia on the incidence of brachial plexus injury and the rate of cesarean delivery.

Death twice as likely by caesarean

A top obstetrician on why men should NEVER be at the birth of their child
Now…I do not agree 100% with everything in this article – at ALL. However, it is extremely interesting to hear this point of view – and I think it should be given proper weight.

I, personally believe a happy medium can be reached somewhere between “All dads should be at every birth” and “No dads should be at any birth”. This article has been the subject of much discussion in my doula yahoo group, and all have basically come to the same conclusion: Neither extreme is the right solution for every birth every time. However, men should be educated & prepared thoroughly for each birth, and allowed the freedom to decide to be there or not.

Read on for a more balanced view – one that I share.

Letting Him Go So He Can Stay Close
Thoughts on Dads in the birthing room.

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