Penny Simkin, the Mother of All Doulas!

Penny Simkin is known for starting the whole “doula thing” in the US. I found a wonderful article on her at another doula’s blog. I have yet to read her book, Pregnancy, Childbirth, & the Newborn, but it’s on my list of ones I want. (My birthday is coming up, after all.)

I have, however, seen her in action in some of the videos I watched at my CAPPA training in Denver, and she is amazing! I would love to have her for a mentor. Anyway, the article is Seattle Times: Looking to nature, doula Penny Simkin practices the art of delivery.

Go check it out!

Photo: Penny Simkin, doyenne of childbirth education and mother of the doula movement, comforts and cares for Pamela Rosenstein during labor.

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