Contempt of Court My Foot!!!

Ridiculous. Even taking into account that we don’t have the court’s side of the story (not for lack of trying), so we don’t know if the mom was antagonistic at all. I highly doubt that she was, being that she requested to serve later, and that most potential jurors are written off in a second because they are the primary caregiver, breastfeeding, or for other child-related reasons.

I’m glad that most women (based on the response in my doula yahoo group) have a much smoother, more open experience with this situation than this woman. I hope as this story comes to light that the government in Maryland takes notice and makes any changes necessary to accomodate breastfeeding mothers, as well as others who have legitimate reasons to postpone their service.

I’m shaking my head at this one.


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  1. Jen

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog through my niece’s blog (Kim).
    I had to comment on this story; it’s unbelievable. Did the judge realize what happens to a nursing woman’s body when she isn’t able to breastfeed her child on a somewhat regular basis!? What was the baby supposed to eat while mom was “busy!?” How ignorant!!!