I Am Overwhelmed

Another friend of mine had her third baby early Easter morning, and I am bursting to tell about it! But, I won’t. It’s not my place. But…I have to share my heart somehow.

I want to say that for the hours of labor I spent with her, I feel so overwhelmed with joy at being able to be present when a new life took his first breath. There is just so much emotion in my heart, that I feel I will burst if I don’t say anything.

There is nowhere else I would rather have been last night. Nowhere at all. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING compares with helping a Momma get through the pain of childbirth to the glory of a child placed in her tired arms. There is nothing like watching a woman go from “I can’t do this” to “I did it” in a matter of minutes. There is nothing like feeling needed and incredibly humbled at the same time.

Needed to help a Momma cope with her pain, but humbled by the power God placed in her body to carry life and bring it into the world. There is nothing more spiritual, powerful, painful, or beautiful than birth. I stand in awe of the Almighty Creator who invented this process, perfected it, and carries every woman through it – though she knows it or not.

Jesus was there last night. He rejoiced at the little face turned up to his Momma, breathing and not crying because he was content and happy to be skin to skin with his Momma. Jesus cried out with her during the worst pain, and carried her into the joy of motherhood once again.

He comforted me – each time I fell short. He reminded me that it is He who has asked me to do this doula thing, and that He will refine me and make me into a true minister to the women I will have the opportunity to serve.

I can’t ask for more than this. I can think of nothing I’d rather do – aside from the great calling I have at home as a wife and mother.

Thank you, my dear friend, for allowing me the honor and the privilege of being there. Thank you to her husband, for being open to my presence there. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have done far more for me than I have done for you, and words are not enough to tell you how much you both mean to me as friends, and fellow heirs with Christ.

I am overwhelmed. I am humbled. I am bursting with joy! I have found my calling.


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  1. Carisa

    THAT was beautiful. I have not attended a birth yet and I hope to have such an experience as you had! I take my doula training with Ana in June – I’m so excited! And the women in contact with you should feel so blessed! You seem truly centered in your doula-ness! 🙂